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Using AI for Scheduling.

 Its Magic!

Scheduling Genie
AI driven business software for service companies

Industry's first AI scheduling software solution

Scheduling Genie is a unique rules-based field services and logistics application that automates processes to streamline the execution of in-field services or aid in optimizing freight logistics.  Whether you are using a fleet of trucks to process deliveries, pickup donations or support service calls, Scheduling Genie can help reduce resource demands and operational cost for just a few field service personnel or an entire fleet.

Auto Assign
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Use rules and the power of AI to automate dispatch

Utilizing AI allows the Dispatch process to be automated reducing resource requirements. Internal resources can then focus on key business metrics and rules that provide fuel and resource efficiency across your fleet of trucks.


Highly customizable for the unique needs of your business.

Rules identify the best day and time to schedule each job and present first available based on customer preferences.

Use rules to prioritize and assign job task to specific vehicles automatically.  Define hierarchies on how to sequence loading of trucks.

Auto calculate load time for each job. Then track job status through out the entire process, including automated messages to your customers keeping them up to date.

Allocate vehicles to store locations or routes uniquely tailored to each day.

Auto Route

Auto-route and Geo-match addresses to optimize your field services and logistics

System generated routes are optimized to reduce fuel and the time to complete. Auto-route generates your drivers schedule while taking into consideration changing traffic patterns and commutes based on the time of the day with Geo code matches aggerating jobs together based on proximity compressing routes and improving schedules

Geo codes provide accurate locations within specified zip codes. When used with the AI engine, rules define how to aggerate jobs reducing travel time and fuel consumption.

Truck profiles can be customized to define & associate different coverage areas, simplify drop locations, and promote resource sharing between stores or locations.

Routes can be uniquely configured for each day, such as coverage, pickup or drop location, hours of operation, or reoccurring routes.

Track job status, run analytics, and capture the complete job history with time stamps. Generate DOT reports and truck inspections for compliance.

Field Services Optimization


By using AI many processes can be automated providing efficiency gains for field-based services.  Rules are used to simplify order entry, dispatch and routing of vehicles. Reports and metrics provide transparency into operations and can be used to refine the logic of the AI engine to create additional benefits.

Trucks can be sequenced and filled optimizing each load, auto calculate load time, and create customized schedules that consider operating hours, black out dates, holidays, scheduled breaks and downtime.

Optimize routes automatically based on time of day and traffic. Additional rules allow you to optimize routes to reduce fuel usage and time to complete.

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Supports both phone and digital orders, as well as intake curb side.  Whether you're a charity looking to better capture items donated or a retail operation wanting to streamline orders for delivery.

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